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Yet another Mastodon server, for people who loves animegao kigurumi, excursively! Everyone are welcome to share all kind of stuffs, just another place to share your life, not restrict to kigurumi. If encounter any problem on this site, or any question, please feel free to send an email to nowhere. Known some email service provider may block Email Delivery Service, please check junk box, or contact me by email so that I can active your account manually. Or if you typed wrong email address at registration, I definitely can help you to reset it, don't be shy to ask for! NO HATE SPEECH! NO POLITICAL CONTENT! NO EXPLICIT DEPICTION OF SEXUALITY OR VIOLENCE CONTENT IN NON-NSFW-TAGGED POST! Please tooting compliance with your local law and server location (US-OH) law. And please cite when you do not have the copyright of the content your sharing. No commercial advertisement unless allowed by admin. 又一個長毛象實例,歡迎『着ぐるみ』愛好者! 包括但不仅限制kig以及獸裝。 註冊請使用英文及數字用戶名,登錄以後可以設置中文暱稱。 已知qq郵箱無法正確收到註冊郵件,暫時禁止使用騰訊qq郵箱註冊,網易和微軟郵箱經測試大部分可用。 如果一天內未收到註冊郵件,請查看垃圾郵件或者重新發送,再沒有請更換郵件服務商重新註冊。